We Believe

WMF Energy is committed to engaging people and companies to become more environmentally sustainable, socially transparent in actions, focusing on environmental impacts and their legacy.

We know how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we just need more people to have the same empathy with the planet whose purpose is to solve the environmental issue and establish harmony between our actions and the environment.

In order to successfully halt and reverse the rise in temperature of planet earth, before reaching the tipping point of 1.5⁰C, a proactive approach must be taken.

WMF Energy believes that to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and reverse the effects of climate change, forest conservation alone is not enough. We believe that sustainable management intervention, while maintaining the integrity of the forest, is a very effective and sustainable way to protect it and the local and indigenous communities that depend on it. Furthermore, through the application of these practices, more carbon can be sequestered and trees emitting methane gas can be removed, which together can help to counteract the harmful effects of climate change more efficiently than simply leaving the forest to take care of itself.


We also observe the seas and the Whales, which alone sequester more than 1.7 Billion Tons of CO2, keeping our planet in balance, however

their unbridled hunting can jeopardize the balance of our entire biosphere.

In addition, employment is generated, creating an economic boost for local communities. Revenues allow greater investments in conservation practices and social inclusion programs and in infrastructure (schools, hospitals, sanitation) promoting sustainable development.