Clean Energy

WMF has a team of scientists and researchers specialized in the development of clean energy, that is, the generation of energy using renewable sources with low or no emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, with a minimum of damage to nature, such as solar energy, wind, water and from hydrogen.

The development of clean energy sources is extremely important for a sustainable future, today the energy sector is responsible for more than 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Being the biggest contributor to global warming, encompassing transportation, electricity and heat generation, buildings, manufacturing and construction, fugitive emissions and other fuel burning.


Despite the growth in the use of renewable sources across the planet, we have seen in recent years record global CO2 emissions from the use of coal plants and natural gases arising from the global economic recovery from the covid crisis. Ukraine with shortage of natural gas to Europe. Thus, the geopolitical scenario has extreme influence on the energy generation of the major global powers, which is the most strategic commodity on the planet for business.

Green Hydrogen Plant

In this way, with the global scenario of increasing greenhouse gas emissions, WMF is committed to the development of hydroelectric plants with projects spread throughout Brazil, and with several agreements for the development of green hydrogen plants interconnected to the hydroelectric park.