Waste Transformation

One of the major aggravating factors of global pollution is the destination of garbage, that is, solid, liquid or gaseous residues are disposed of improperly, resulting in soil, water and air contamination. This can have negative impacts on human health and biodiversity, as well as affect the climate and the environment in general. To reduce waste pollution, it is important to promote proper waste management, including selective collection, recycling and correct final disposal of discarded materials.

WMF is aware that our waste is a design error, which is why WMF Energy develops solutions capable of processing all domestic and hospital waste and transforming it into gas, fuel and electricity.

We have the technology to transform plastics into diesel with emissions below 10ppm and treatment of leachate into water for use in irrigation and street washing.
With our knowledge in the area we can help cities to become cleaner and provide more health for their inhabitants, because the days of landfills with our projects are numbered