Clean Energy

WMF provides the development service for renewable energy generation plants from project conception to execution of the work with the help of construction partners. The main objective of the development of all projects is to generate energy in a sustainable way and with the mitigation/absence of polluting gas emissions into the atmosphere. These emission reductions are converted through the business plan developed by the WMF to be accredited along with the UN international entities for the issuance of carbon credits.

These credits are what we call Environmental Assets, that is, they are assets and rights that can be converted into monetary means, representing short, medium and long-term repair or preservation benefits for the environment. These are commodities that have a high added value in the international market due to their high demand and low supply, with a broad spectrum of growth for the coming years.

Thus, a clean energy development project comes up against two major drivers of revenue generation, the first with the generation of energy and possible sale of it and yours by issuing carbon credits.

Every project developed by WMF follows the methodology summarized below:

We develop projects for the following energy sources:

1. Hydroelectric plants;
2. Hydrogen;
3. Wind;
4. Solar.