Any and all investment and project development are valued and paid for in Tokens in the form of definitive blockchains. Bringing transparency and security through traceability to all involved.

Blockchain technology developed in the early 2000s and fundraising through the innovative crowdsale are responsible for accelerating this growth.

Blockchain eliminates the need for highly expensive processes in the origination of assets, since in its open, reliable and verifiable nature, it allows issuing assets at less cost, more security and speed.

The funds raised are used for the development of socio-environmental projects and actions in a 100% sustainable way and can be monitored by investors and partners, with the security of traceability and the use of resources, which gives transparency and credibility to actions and positive results for our planet. .

A partnership with WMF Energy guarantees the highest possible efficiency of the applied green resources, as our scientific patents are internationally recognized and proven to manage the forest in a more efficient and effective innovative way.